24/7 Cyber Security Monitoring – Partnering with Deloitte

24×7 Deloitte Cyber Security Monitoring

As part of our cyber security program, Indue has implemented round-the-clock monitoring to identify any attempted malicious activity.

The proliferation of technology means that Cyber security threats are now commonplace and growing in sophistication, requiring proactive management.  As part of our proactive cyber security program, we are pleased to advise that Indue has implemented 24/7  cyber security  monitoring of events to identify any attempted malicious activity against our network.

Indue has partnered with Deloitte, using their Cyber Intelligence Centre  for 24/7 cyber security monitoring to identify and stop brute force attacks or hackers in the system.

As a worldwide, experienced leader in cyber strategy consulting and cyber intelligence, Deloitte provides technological innovation and broad industry expertise. Indue is confident that as new technologies emerge and connectivity increases, Deloitte Cyber Risk is uniquely positioned to help our us navigate this complex landscape.

This has been a major project for the business, and one that we are immensely proud of, as we commit to delivering safe payment solutions.