Indue difference

Proven payment solutions to bring your ideas to life.

There has never been a better time to push the boundaries of what’s possible and realise your business goals.

Indue has been helping Australian businesses connect with customers for more than 50 years. We remain committed to helping organisations of all types adapt and benefit from the latest innovations in payments technology.

How are we different?

Ready to partner with you.

Our culture is about partnerships. Our people are focused on working with you to enhance your capabilities, to build a deep understanding of your business drivers, to develop proactive solutions that deliver long term success. 

Whether you’re a financial institution, retailer, government agency, charitable organisation, corporation or credit union, we’re ready to share our vast experience and passion for innovation.

A Competitive Edge.

Indue can help your business implement a range of marketing leading payment solutions. Our end-to-end solutions ensure you continue to deliver to your customers the latest in payments technology, that you maintain market relevance, and create a competitive edge. Our payments solutions lead the market for stability and reliability, giving your customers the confidence to pay every day. 

Customer Excellence.

Our Customer Excellence program ensures you are always up to date with the status of your project and account. Our customers are provided with relevant and timely updates, accurate timelines & reliable reporting. Every account is assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager who will support you throughout your time with Indue. With so many moving parts you will have the confidence of a team of experts who are committed to see you succeed.

Taking complexity out of compliance.

As an Authorised Deposit-taking Institution (ADI) regulated by APRA, we have full focus on compliance with government regulations. Navigating the legal payments landscape can be complex, so let our vast experience in this area guide you when implementing or upgrading your payments system.

Award winning, market leading.

For more than 50 years, the experienced team at Indue has been helping millions of Australian’s pay every day. Our leadership team has successfully navigated Indue through the changing landscape of Australian payments and our award winning solutions have been recognised on the international and local stage. We are your voice at the table as we hold advisory and board positions on many of Australia’s payments scheme and governing bodies. We listen, and we act.