Payment & Bureau Services

Leverage our payments’ expertise to power your banking needs.

With more than 50 years in payments, Indue is a proven partner in delivering a comprehensive suite of payment services to credit unions, mutuals and other financial institutions.

Across direct entry, BPAY, cards and cheque-payment products, we provide scheme sponsorship, settlements, dispute resolution and reconciliation – wrapped up in a robust compliance framework.

Indue will help your business to navigate the complex world of payments, with a cost-effective, single-partner solution. So you can deliver flexible and convenient payment options to your banking customers.

Direct Entry, Tier 1 Participant Member

Direct entry is the workhorse of the Australian economy.

Direct entry is a cost-effective, easy way for businesses and consumers to transfer funds between bank accounts – with more than $14 trillion Direct Entry transactions annually in Australia. And with Indue a Tier 1 participating member, we are in a strong position to sponsor you in to BECS.

Our position as a Tier 1 provider of all account-to account payment systems, complements our New Payments Platform offering and our real time account to account Orion fraud solution

Direct entry suits financial institutions providing retail banking services to their customers, as well as businesses looking to debit or credit customer or employee bank accounts.

Indue is a bank, regulated by APRA, a member of the Australian Payments Network (AusPayNet) and a member of the Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS).

We work with you to determine the best solution for your needs, then manage your solution – protecting your business and customers, and ensuring that your high-volume payments happen seamlessly, every time.

Indue’s Direct Entry service includes:

Timely inward and outward transaction processing, multiple times per day.


Secure settlement with counterparties.


Daily transaction reporting.


Access to extensive warehousing and data archiving capabilities, as well as the ability to issue client BSBs.


Processing of direct debits as line entries, contained within each direct entry file.


Support services, including dishonoured item processing, traces, returns and refusals.


Tap into the convenience of BPAY.

BPAY is a fast, convenient and easy way to allow your customers to pay bills anywhere, anytime.

Indue is a Participant Member of the BPAY Scheme. That means we can provide the Scheme sponsorship, file processing and settlement services that enable our clients to participate in the BPAY Payer and BPAY Biller services.

BPAY Biller
  • BPAY Biller is a bill collection service designed for business customers who manage large volumes of regular deposits or inward payments.
  • Indue’s BPAY Biller solution can be tailored to reflect your branding to your customers. It also helps protect your customer relationships by giving you complete control over the customer experience.
BPAY Payer
  • Indue’s BPAY Payer solution enables your customers to make electronic bill payments directly, using internet, mobile or telephone banking.
  • BPAY Payer transactions are fast and fully-traceable, so you can monitor your payments with confidence.

Through API integrations with a core banking platform, Indue enables our client’s customers to make BPAY payments from their accounts or setup BPAY Billers for business customers, in addition to supporting operational functions for enquiries, reporting, error corrections, and reversal processing.

Consider coupling your BPAY service with our NPP, direct entry or cheque solutions, to provide your customers with more flexibility and choice.


An easy and complete chequing solution

At Indue, we can support your business and customers with chequing solutions – from issuing chequebooks to comprehensive chequing transactions management.

Our cost-effective chequing solution gives your business and customers access to this traditional payment method – without you having to manage the program in house.

Bureau Services

Indue provides a secure and stable environment to host Ultradata’s Ultracs core banking software.


  • Self-service functionality (user management, printing, backups)
  • Cyber security monitoring
  • Infrastructure monitoring and on-call assistance
  • Enterprise grade and standards compliant hardware and datacenter environments to achieve optimal availability
  • Ease of integration to a wide range of services offered by Indue (eg. NPP, Fraud monitoring, etc)
  • Australian based dual data centres with real-time replication based.

Indue provides a broad range of payments services, has regulatory benefits as an ADI, and is resourced to support a broad range of technologies and business cases.

Contact us today to discuss your core banking needs.

Why work with us?

Indue helps your business thrive, with reliable and easy-to-use payment solutions.

We understand how much your business depends on providing the best payment experience for your customers.

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Orion Financial Crimes Service

Ultimate security for NPP transactions.

As the speed of payments increases, so does the risk of fraud. When you partner with Indue, you can protect your NPP customers with our market-leading financial crimes solution, Orion.

Powered by IBM Safer Payments, and using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Orion delivers a 24/7 Australia-based fraud monitoring solution that consistently outperforms industry averages in financial crimes prevention.