Delivering faster, simpler, smarter payments.


Since 2018, Indue has proudly delivered the New Payments Platform (NPP) to many of Australia’s leading credit unions and mutuals, helping customers take advantage of flexible, real-time payment capabilities with world-leading financial crime support.

We are pleased to bring customers PayTo, the latest innovation of the NPP, which offers a new, digital banking experience with faster, simpler, and smarter payments.

PayTo allows customers to preauthorise payments directly from their bank account, providing more visibility and control over the payment process. Enabling preauthorised payments for subscriptions, membership fees, energy bills, loan repayments, and buy now/pay later services, PayTo provides a secure and fast way to manage payments 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Consumers can use PayTo for their phone bill, flights and music subscriptions

See payments you’ve set up from your bank account, all in the one secure place.

Choose PayID or a BSB and account number making it easy to set up payments.

View and manager PayTo agreements within internet or mobile banking

Authorise. Pause. Cancel.

Connect to the NPP and PayTo

Indue is a Payment Initiator and Payer bank, meaning we connect financial institutions, payment service providers, platforms, and payment facilitators to PayTo. Indue can support other businesses to connect to PayTo as Payment Initiators under a proprietary commercial arrangement.

Benefits of PayTo

PayTo offers many benefits for businesses, institutions, and consumers:

Our PayTo Functionality

As a Payment Initiator and Payer bank, Indue’s PayTo capabilities are extensive. Our PayTo functionality includes:

  • Creating, authorising and managing PayTo agreements and mandates
  • Clearing and settling PayTo payments for real-time funds availability
  • Organising PayID issuance and management
  • Managing PayID Look-Up and resolution for PayTo mandate creation requests

With these PayTo capabilities, Indue will provide customers with enhanced back-office support, including:

  • Delivering more cost-effective services by providing access to all flows and options for NPP messaging and PayTo services and avoiding duplication of NPPA and participant costs
  • Streamlining operational processes and compliant audit trails by offering self-service dispute resolution and investigation capabilities and workflows
  • Reducing compliance costs and operational risk by administering PayTo compliance


PayTo (Payer) is a new, digital way for consumers to pre-authorise payments from their bank account.

It provides your customers with more visibility and control over payment agreements in one secure location through Online Banking and/or Mobile Banking.

With PayTo consumers can:

  • View and manage the status of each payment agreement.
  • See all upcoming and recurring payments in one secure place.
  • Easily set up payment agreements using either PayID or BSB and account numbers.

Businesses and merchants can offer PayTo (Initiation) as an alternative payment method for a variety of products and services, such as subscriptions, online or in-app purchases with real time account validation and funds verifications.

Indue will connect your customers to the PayTo service, allowing them to view the terms of their payment agreements in their Digital Banking.

Once the agreement has been reviewed, your customers can choose to authorise or decline the request, knowing their bank account won’t be debited until the agreement is approved.

The PayTo service puts control back in your customers hands, allowing them to view, pause, resume, or cancel all their PayTo agreements in one secure location.

PayTo is an initiative of NPP Australia, the organisation that runs Australia’s real-time payments infrastructure. You can learn more by visiting their website.

PayTo agreements can be created using a PayID linked to a bank account or by using a BSB and account number. You do not need to have PayID to use the PayTo service.

PayTo is a new, digital alternative to the current direct debit system. It’s faster, more flexible and gives consumers greater visibility and control over authorised payments coming out of their bank account.

PayTo allows consumers to authorise direct debit payments from participating businesses, quickly and easily in online banking. Gym memberships, subscriptions, and energy bills can be viewed and managed in one secure location.

Not exactly. While PayTo is a modern alternative that streamlines the current direct debit system there is no requirement for businesses and merchants to move their direct debits over to PayTo.

All existing direct debit payments will remain in place unless the business or merchant decides to replace it with a PayTo agreement.

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