New Payments Platform

Transactions made instant.

Your Ticket to Play

The New Payments Platform (NPP) is changing the way we transfer money – and we’re ready to help your business make the most of the benefits it brings.

Our NPP capability ensures you are offering your customers access to a modern and fast-growing payment gateways.

Since 2018 our team of NPP experts have been bringing the NPP to market for many of Australia’s’ leading credit unions and mutuals. Our NPP solution helps you take advantage of flexible, real-time payments, with the ability to add on the peace of mind of world-leading financial crime support. We can also get you PayTo ready

Maintain a competitive advantage and give your customers giving them faster, simpler, smarter, real-time payments today.

Why work with us?

Indue is a founding member of the NPP, and we’ve been helping clients adopt the NPP since its inception in 2018. We know the technical and regulatory requirements inside out and have the requisite knowledge to complete a full implementation.

As an Authorised Deposit-taking Institution (ADI), we also hold the necessary financial services licences to clear and settle funds, ensuring your solution is compliant and secure.

Five ways the NPP can benefit your business



How we support you


Our team of NPP administration and technical experts work alongside your teams to successfully design and manage your NPP solution. From governance & regulatory requirements, licensing & certification, to go-live, our team partners with you every step.


Our NPP team has successfully on-boarded many of Australia’s leading credit unions and mutuals, and bring to your project the experience and foresight to ensure your implementation is successfully delivered on time and on budget. All designed to give you surety of outcome.

Customer Care

From the outset you will have a dedicated Relationship Manager who will be your key contact point at Indue. They ensure communications and updates are effectively managed and that your experience with Indue is successful. You will also benefit from the support of our Australian based Customer Care team.

Solution Highlights

Did you also think about?

Orion Financial Crimes Service

Ultimate security for NPP transactions.

For state-of-the-art security underpinned by IBM Safer Payments, pair your NPP solution with Orion Financial Crimes Service, our market-leading fraud detection solution. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, Orion protects you and customers around-the-clock from suspicious transactions and malicious actors – providing ultimate security for every transaction.