AusPayNet 2019 Annual Review Released

Australian Payments Network 2019 Annual Review

AusPayNet has released their 2019 Annual Review, which outlines their work this year.

AusPayNet 2019 Annual Review has been released.

As the payments industry association, AusPayNet’s  network includes more than 130 members and participants.  They bring together a diverse range of organisations including financial institutions, major retailers, payment systems operators and technology providers.

Highlights of the Annual Review include:

  • A trust framework to improve customer convenience, privacy and security on our digital world
  • A CNP Fraud Mitigation Framework to help the e-commerce community protect their customers and businesses.
  • New standards enable merchants to offer card payments more cost-effectively and efficiently
  • New guidelines underway to improve accessibility for people with disability
  • New awareness programs to help those individuals and sectors that still use cheques transition to digital payments.

Find out more about AusPayNet’s key outcomes for 2019 and consumer payments trends by downloading the report here.

Source: Australian Payments Network  AusPayNet