Indue Launches thought leadership series: Cultiv8

Indue launches thought leadership series: Cultiv8

To inform, inspire and engage the payments industry.

The 2021 program includes a series of exclusive customer events, together with an industry program designed to keep our payments friends and colleagues abreast of market influences.

The exclusive customer series includes presentations by key partners including KPMG, Visa & RFi covering both international influences, and their impacts on the Australian markets. The much anticipated Youth Study by RFi, due later this year will deliver unique insights on what is important to our youth today, and what specifically within the financial services and payments markets is on their radar.

Indue events span the breadth of our product portfolio with a focus on:

Financial Crime Trends

How to manage a constantly changing threat,  (March on demand)

New Payments Platform

How to innovate on Australia’s fastest rails, (May coming soon)

Mobile Payments

How to deliver more ways for your customers to pay (June coming soon)

Gift & Prepaid Cards

The world’s fastest growing payments product – how to harness the potential – 20 April 2021 – register today

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