Real-Time Payments Are Reshaping Economies – New Report

Australia’s New Payments Platform (NPP), now available to more than 75 million account holders, has experienced steady growth since its 2018 launch.

But with NPP now expanding its use cases with the launch of new overlay services, such as the PayTo service, real-time volume is expected to gradually increase, recording a CAGR of 19.9% from 2021-2026.

How can banks and financial institutions throughout Australia prepare for and benefit from this growth?

Have a look at the new 2022 Prime Time for Real-Time global payments report for a comprehensive look at Australia’s real-time landscape.

The ACI Worldwide report shares 53 global real-time markets to show the trends, technologies and initiatives driving real-time success around the world.

The report includes:

  • Economic impact analysis for 30 countries
  • The increasing necessity of cloud and payment hubs
  • Regional and local fraud management essentials

Source: ACI Worldwide 2022