Connect ID

The innovation function at Indue focuses on new opportunities that solve existing problems or create new opportunities for our clients. An area we have been exploring is in the Digital Identity space with AP+ Connect ID solution.

What is Digital Identity and what is its purpose?

  • A digital identity is typically defined as a relationship between a human and their digital presence, helping a customer prove who they are online, and more importantly, what they are entitled to. A digital presence can consist of multiple accounts, credentials, and entitlements associated with an individual.
  • Digital Identity allows individuals and organisations to partake in a more streamlined, fast and secure way of getting access to goods and services, confirming a customer is who they say they are in a secure way reducing the risk of identity fraud and minimising the need to store sensitive document details.
  • Improving customer journeys and security is a key focus for organisations and offering a streamlined solution for identifying and verifying customers is a key focus area.

 What is Connect ID and what does it provide?

  • ConnectID is a non-mandated, Australian-owned, modern, standards-based digital identity exchange, designed to make it easier to verify who customers are, using already trusted organisations, while protecting customers privacy. ConnectID is accredited under the Australian Government’s Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF), so you know your data is safe and secure.
  • ConnectID is an open scheme and enables secure verification of attributes without exposure to private data. Customers are in control of what information is shared and when.
  • Operated by AP+, its designed to complement government and private sector identity initiatives with an economy-wide focus, supporting productivity in the digital economy.
  • Key roles in the ecosystem are Relying Party (where your organisation receives the identity data; eg for onboarding new customers); and Identity Provider (where your organisation provides proof of your customer’s identity for other Relying Parties)

There are a number of use cases that are possible in the near term and into the future with Connect ID Roadmap, some examples for our customers could be;

Smoothing Customer Onboarding

  • Supporting Customer Onboarding through verification. Designed to complement other identification services improve the rate of successful transactions.
  • Additional opportunities such as verifying identity when depositing funds in branch etc are possible too.
  • Role Type: Relying Party
  • Status: available now

Supporting your customers

  • Becoming an accredited Identity provider means your customers can verify themselves using the validated data you hold on them as an ADI or TDIF participant.
  • This improves customer engagement and interaction, and helps your customers increase their secure digital identification presence, and reduce the need to share their personal details such as government documents.
  • Role Type: Identity Provider
  • Status: 2 of Big 4 live, more to come next year plus other bank and non-bank providers.

You can find out more from the website