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Monthly Compliance Report

Please use this form to submit your monthly attestation to Indue Legal & Compliance. We would appreciate receiving your information by the 5th business day of each month.

If you have any questions or concerns using this form, or need to send through supporting documentation, please contact [email protected] or contact your Relationship Manager.

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  • Compliance Attestation

    Please TICK the fields below if the statements are true. You must notify Indue immediately if you cannot attest to the statements.
  • Total Complaints Received During the Reporting Month

    During the Reporting Month, the above Organisation has received the following number of complaints in relation to the Indue issued products:
  • e.g. “2 x complaints: customer unhappy that card expired; 1 x complaint that card did not work at merchant terminal”
  • e.g. “4 complaints in last 3 months related to card not working at Merchant B”
  • e.g “Indue is requested to review failure of card to work in terminal.”
  • Please provide your contact details