WGEA Employer Statement

WGEA Employer Statement

Indue is committed to providing an environment in which all employees have equal access to opportunities available at work.

One of Indue’s core Values, “Go Far, Go Together”, speaks to our aim of ensuring we sustain a culture of unity and inclusiveness. We aim to sustain a culture that values the benefits that come from working together to a common goal and leveraging perspectives from everyone in our company.

Indue’s workforce is made up of many individuals with unique skills, values, backgrounds and experiences. We value Diversity & Inclusion and recognise both the organisational capability and business performance that it brings.

Indue has a detailed Diversity, Equity and Inclusion framework that ensures diversity and inclusion applies to all people practices, including but not limited to remuneration, recruitment, retention, performance management, promotions, talent identification and succession planning, training and development and goal setting.

Indue undertakes independent assessments to provide bi-annual market salary data, which is used to ensure that everyone is paid equitably and fairly for the role they perform based on their own individual skills, knowledge and experience.

We are highly committed to fairness and equity in our workplace.